Solar Servicing

Increase the lifespan of your Solar Array.

Solar Services to keep your rooftop array in tip top condition.


$219 – $249

$279 – $369

Clean and Service
$379 – $429


Your car doesn’t get cleaned by sitting in the rain, and nor do your solar panels, even if they are at an angle that promotes ‘self cleaning’ during rain.

A thin film of dust and grime will build up on your panels, reducing performance. This layer of grime can only be removed through manual washing.

Removal of this thin layer of grime can result in performance improvements between 5-10% depending on your system. If done annually, you will also prevent the growth of algae and moss on your array.


This solar health check consists of a full scale electrical testing of your installation – including all of these aspects;

  • Inspect and record inverter readings, serial number and specifications
  • Historical performance calculations to prove efficient operation
  • VOC reading of entire array
  • IMP testing of entire array
  • Insulation Resistance testing of array
  • checking for recalled items on Clean Energy Council documents
  • Visual check for micro cracks, panel damage and mechanical issues
  • Check racking of rails for mechanical integrity
  • Remove debris (bird nests are common)
  • Check all isolators are compliant and safe
  • Check terminals for thermal cycling issues
  • Check labelling is compliant
  • Check Main Switchboard is compliant
  • Supply of full report and evidence photos
  • Performance assessment
  • Recommendations for shading removal and repairs, plus a quote.


Clean and Service:
The perfect combination! After performing the full Service package, we will then clean your array, to maximise energy yield and remove the irradiance blocking effect of grime.

We will then advise you on any repairs you may need – and offer you a concise explanation as to why you may need additional works. For example, your rooftop isolators may pose a fire risk, due to extreme UV degradation and water ingress.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should my system be serviced?
We advise an annual check of your rooftop array, to reduce the inherent risk of electrical faults and potential asset damage.

What’s the most common fault?
We often come across old degraded rooftop isolators that are way beyond their expected lifespan. Failure to replace these usually results in water ingress, and short circuiting. With solar arrays, a short circuit generates incredible amounts of heat, initiating full ignition of plastics within the isolator itself. Unfortunately, in the event of such a fault, you can’t turn the sun off!

Does a solar service support my Home and Contents Insurance?
Many insurance providers will take issue with the fact that you haven’t had your solar array serviced – something your installer may or may not have informed you about (it’s your responsibility to instill preventative maintenance of your array).
If you’re unsure, give them a call.

How do I remember when to service the array again?
At no cost to you, and just by ticking a box on our service form, you’ll be reminded annually about your solar service. Nothing will be done unless you respond, and book your annual checkup.

I’m renting – what do I do?
Given it’s your safety and belongings at stake, we advise you send this web page to your Estate Agent, and request evidence of a recent service, or subsequently arrange for one to be performed in the house you’re renting.

Someone told me that I only need a service if things go wrong. You say annually?
The choice is ultimately yours, but we take safety seriously. Your location and proximity to environmental pollutants may affect the need for cleaning, however we believe annual servicing is important. We treat all systems as if they were our own, and we’d be checking ours annually. Things like loose connections, water ingress and UV damage can literally spell catastrophe for your solar array, and even your home.

Do I get a Certificate of Electrical Safety for works performed?
Yes, we issue certificates of electrical safety for every single electrical task we complete – leaving you with peace of mind and valid insurance cover. We also guarantee all works for the required 5-7 year period, depending on the task at hand.

Why choose a small business over a larger multinational company?
When you call Verve Electrical, you’ll be speaking to the same one person every time – the business owner. If something unfortunately goes wrong, you’ll still be dealing with the same person you called. And when you want to refer someone to us, they’ll also speak to the same person you did. We are openly accountable for every thing we do – from the way we facilitate your morning school run routine, to the way we deal with unfortunate mistakes (few and far between)

How do I book a service?
You can head over to our contact page and send us an email, or just phone us on 0428 862 963.

I have other questions!
If we haven’t answered your questions here, just call us! We love a chat, and always have time to answer your questions.


*Pricing depends on the number of panels in your array, and ease of access. This will be discussed openly with you before works commence.
A single storey house with 6-12 panels will attract the first price.
A single storey house with 13+ panels will incur the higher fee.
A double storey house will generally attract the higher fee regardless of panel count.
*Excess travel from the Eastern Suburbs to your location may incur an additional travel fee.