Smoke Alarms

“You’ll know when I’m cooking! The smoke alarm goes off!”

All jokes aside, the number of smoke alarms removed from service is appalling. You know who you are… removing the smoke alarm because you overdid your steak? Then it just sits on top of the fridge, gathering dust and not doing much else.

As much as we are always safety conscious during our days work, we are also safety conscious in your home – conscious of your safety once we leave.
Instead of removing your smoke alarm because it’s a hassle, why not allow us to relocate it for you?

There are strict regulations as to where a smoke alarm must be installed, as per the Electrical Standards of Australia and New Zealand. Failing to abide by these standards could spell disaster for your home and your life.

So instead of ripping that pesky thing down, make a wise decision and contact us to relocate it for you. Never mind that, it may even be expired! That’s right, smoke alarms have a life span whether they’re battery operated or 240V operated (hardwired).

Call us on 0428 862 963 and ask as many questions as you like. We can pop in and relocate your smoke alarm, add other smoke alarms as per regulations, and even suggest the very best spot for them given the airflow of your ceiling profile. All of that, and for a very reasonable price – not that your safety should ever have a dollar value on it…