Safety Switches

There’s nothing more important than the safety of your family – be it your partner or your kids, or even your furry friends! And there’s no more effective way of offering that safety than by installing a safety switch.

Before we explain why these items are becoming legal requirements, lets first  clear up some misconceptions. From a laymans perspective, it is easy to get confused between all the different versions of “Safety Switches” out there, let alone what an RCD, RCBO or a CB are!

CB: A Circuit breaker, which only offers overcurrent protection for the cabling creating that circuit in your house.

RCD: A protective device that needs to be installed in line with a CB (circuit breaker) to offer protection under fault conditions. It works with the circuit breaker to offer both overcurrent protection as well as earth leakage protection. 

RCBO: Instead of installing the two seperate items together in your switchboard, you can opt for the much preferred choice of an RCBO, which is a single device that will offer overcurrent protection as well as earth leakage protection in one single unit.

DID YOU KNOW: Current Electrical Regulation does not require all circuits to be protected by an RCBO. You’ll mainly find these types of devices protecting power circuits and lighting circuits. The new amendments for AS:NZS3000 Standards will be making RCBO protection compulsory on most, if not all circuits in your home

How does it work:

An RCBO works by measuring current in the active conductor, and comparing it to the current in the return path neutral conductor. If there is no imbalance, then there is no current leakage and everything is fine. This is a normal operating state.

However if the RCBO measures a current difference between the active conductor and the neutral conductor, it means something has gone wrong! That “something” could be a child sticking a knife into the toaster, or a curious pooch nibbling on something he shouldn’t be…



We can strongly advise you assess the safety of your switchboard and your home. If your switchboard has old circuit breakers or even the really old rewireable fuses, then you should address that as soon as possible. If you aren’t sure, then take a photo and send it to us!

Alternatively, head on over to the Contacts page and send us a message there, or simply phone us on 0428 862 963 to arrange a free quote.

On completion of your switchboard works, you will receive a Certificate of Electrical Safety from ourselves, and have it lodged with Energy Safe Victoria, offering you absolute peace of mind.

For the safety of your family and home, it’s really a no-brainer isn’t it?