Carbon Monoxide Sensors



Every year Energy Safe Victoria run a campaign to warn against the risks of gas heaters. Appropriately coined “Cold Feet”, the campaign aims to raise awareness surrounding the importance of servicing your gas heater.

Energy Safe Victoria Video: Click here to watch.

If gas heaters are faulty or are not serviced, they can leak carbon monoxide – a scentless lethal gas that can only be detected with a special Carbon Monoxide sensing device. The suggested servicing timeframe is at least once every two years for your heater, by a certified and licenced Gasfitter.

As an additional step towards securing the safety of your home, we highly recommend installing a Carbon Monoxide sensor. No bigger than your existing smoke alarm, the carbon monoxide sensor is a great (and virtually maintenance free) way to keep your feet warm – all winter.
These low profile Monoxide sensors are either battery operated, or supplied via a 240V supply, the latter being highly recommended.

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And last of all, we can highly recommend a plumber local to you, if you would also like to have your heater tested.


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