Do You Want $50 Cash In Hand

If we are late to a booking with you, we’ll arrive with an apology and $50 CASH in your hand.

  • No Catches
  • No Terms and Conditions
  • No expensive bills to make the $50 back
  • No $50 discount – real cash in your hand

Just $50 cash in your hand because we were late! SIMPLE.

How we Bill:

When you last contracted a tradesman, they probably charged you with a “total owing” approach, like this…

  • relocate switch
  • remove ceiling fan
  • fault find kitchen circuit
  • replace power point

Total Owing: $450.00

NO THANKS! It doesn’t take much to figure out why they did that. 

Imagine your local supermarket charged you like that! 

We proudly use a ‘per point’ approach to pricing, meaning we don’t get paid more if we take longer (how’s that for easy money! Work slower, and get paid more?? How does that seem fair on the customer? IT ISN’T!)

If you want a powerpoint, we’ll tell you how much and that’s it!

If you want a ceiling fan installed, we’ll tell you how much and that’s it!

No dodgy tradie games leaving you wondering “did I just get ripped off?”


Contact us on 0428 862 963, and you can expect this;

  • we’ll listen to what you want
  • we can provide you with a quote on the same day
  • you can accept the quote online
  • we will arrange a day and time that suits you
  • you’ll receive a courtesy SMS the day before, to remind you
  • we will turn up on time, or…

You get $50 cash.

We can’t make it any clearer for you!

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